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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
if the defiant is not in the same category than a BoP, than what is? There is nothing smaller on fed side. does that mean, we shouldnt have anything against it?
The Defiant is an Escort, and BoP's are not escorts, they are Raiders.

The Aquarius Destroyer is smaller than the Defiant also, and it was made to be a Fed BoP without a cloak, a flawed concept because the ship itself and the stats are awful.

The Defiant was designed to get into the battle and stay there.

Bird of Prey's were designed to get in, do something to mess up the combat zone, an get out.

That's why the Defiant is the way it is in game, and why Geko never put a battle cloak on it; because the Defiant isn't designed to raid.
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