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Originally Posted by insanerandomnes View Post
You can listen too this guy, or you can tell him to STFU like I do, and play the way you want.

STF's are simple. Your entire team could be science based, and you could still get the optional and finish in a reasonable time, provided the pilots are good.

The issue is, everyone likes tacs, because tacs are simple. I like them for that reason too. Easy, deal as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible.

But cruisers take more finess, science even more so. Cruisers are there as minor field control, but because engineers in cruisers are so bloody tanky, theres a lot of things you can do to improove your damage. Like for instance, I run dual eject warp plasma. With that, I can basically keep a plasma field going indefinitely. Helps a huge amount on keeping probes/bops/raptors/negvars/nanite spheres at bay. My science is dedicated too tractor beams, which is even better at field control, and finally I now have dual aux2dampners on me, which keeps my speed well up there, and gives me a nice kinetic damage resistance.

Let the mindless thugs run Tac. You'll be laughing at them when you're the last one standing on the field.
Just to let you know, i haven't touched my tac toons since S1.2

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