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10-11-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by sohtoh View Post
Your Engineering Team 1 will conflict with the cooldown of your Tactical Team 1 and 2.
Yep, that is always an unfortunate side-effect of chaining TT. ET1 doesn't do much good, anyway.

Something has to give, and I think it should be Engineering Team. Replace it with Emergency Power to Shields I.

Replace Direct Energy Modulation 2 (it won't be much help to you) with Emergency Power to Auxiliary 3.

Replace Tactical Team 2 with either Beam Overload 2 or Fire at Will 2.

Finally, replace your two purple damage control doffs with two purple conn duty officers (tactical team version shortens the recharge time).

Making these changes will enable you to have Emergency Power to Shields, Emergency Power to Auxiliary, and Tactical Team running all the time,

I, too, am an Engineer.
Hmm, I don't see how you can run 2x EPtS and 2x EPtA concurrently, as they all share the same cooldown. I.e.: it will work for 2x EPtS, and 2x TT1. But I don''t see how I could possibly squeeze 2x EPtA in the mix as well.