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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Why else did you think the Chinese moneygrubbers bought over this game's developers?

PS: I'm a Chinese moneygrubber myself.
It seems everything is chinese now. Most of my stuff is made there, i eat "americanized" chinese food (I eat it so much i am very good with chopsticks), i now play chinese owned games. They are taking over the world :/

Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
First off if you think PvP will ever be brought back to life or rescued from the grave - I have some ocean view property in the very centre of the Sahara Desert to sell you.

Second the ship was a 1 shot - 1 kill Borg tactical Cube destroyer so yes it was pretty OP
PvP cant die it cant! It does need some miracle worker and rsp to save it though. It doesnt matter after over two years of neglect dstah just needs to come out of the closet about pvp. By that time I will most likely be gone.

Future Capt Gecko II Hitlers take on PvP

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