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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I'n cannon Romulan cloaking devices were
Superior to Klingon cloaking devices I'n every
The defiant had a Romulan cloaking device
And I'm sure that in the interest of co-operation the RSE gave Sisko to very top model cloaking technology they possessed.

Klingon cloaking devices were Romulan low end
Models that the Klingons had to reverse engineer
To produce themselves
Yes, acquired in aprox. 2269 during a vessel swap between the two factions, 140 years before STO. And thanks to canon evidence the KDF not only back engineered it but improved upon the technology as well.

That's cannon STO game balance is another
We could have canon use of claoking in STO if the cloak dynamic was changed to be all battle cloak for cloaking vessels and the fed only had on cloaking ship at all. The galaxy-X dreadnaught, becuase the cloaking Defiant from canon was destroyed.

Even if we ignored that fact and just made claoking the same across teh game the cries of unfair would still rise up when the fed realized they have only two cloaking vessels total and are getting no more while the KDF has several.
Frankly thats a can of worms best left unopened and claoking can remain the way it is ingame.
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