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10-11-2012, 10:36 AM
Some great info here on the runabouts, I especially like the floorplans.

They're impressive ships, I always enjoyed seeing them in use in DS9, it's a shame we never saw their modular design design on screen, and it's quite ironic that the only episode to show the aft compartment of the Danube class is a TNG episode not DS9, but a great episode nonetheless.

The only larger (modern) auxiliary craft that I know of are the already mentioned Argo from Nemesis, Scoutship from Insurrection, and the Captain's Yachts from the Enterprise D and E.

I love the design of the Sovereign class Captain's Yacht, sleek, fast, it looks like a modern luxury motor yacht in space, and likely the reverse holds true, take the nacelles off, berth it in a marina, and it wouldn't look out of place.

Also whereas most Starfleet ships, shuttles and runabouts are designed for work and utility, the captains yachts are designed to offer more luxury while still being capable of performing (mainly diplomatic) missions.

I like seeing luxury/recreation ships in Science Fiction, "all work and no play" can get dull after a time.

Finally, another favourite, from the dark side.
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