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*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. Sam is standing at one of the aft Science Stations. Matt walks up to her.*

Sam: Still no.

Matt: I didn't say anything.

Sam: The Odyssey's heading to rendezvous with us.

Matt: You mean the ship commanded by James Tiberius Allen?

Sam: Real mature, Matt.

Matt: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he lose at poker to you last month?

Sam: That's him.

Matt: You enjoyed it a bit too much.

Sam: He was flirting with me!

*Sam starts walking back to the Command Chair, Matt sitting next to her in the First Officer position.*

How long until we've got the last of the new supplies on board, Ops?

David Santiago (Operations Officer): Another 3 hours.

Sam: Alright. Inform the Odyssey that they're welcome to come aboard.

Matt: They haven't asked yet.

Sam: Maybe not, but I could do with adding some more credits to my account.

Matt: Getting a little overconfident, aren't you?

*Sam just smiles back at him.*

David: Sir, we're getting a signal from Outpost Seven-Five.

Matt: That's a relay station. No crew.

Sam: What's the message?

David: There's a lot of static. Emergency... distress... mayday... and a set of coordinates.

Sam: Any indication of the nature of the emergency?

David: Negative. Sir, the signal was originally from the R.M.S. New Jersey. She's a Civilian Liner, carrying a crew of 150 plus 300 passengers.

Sam: Red Alert. *The Red Alert Klaxon sounds.* Clear us with Ops for Departure.

David: Done.

Sam: Helm, set course for the coordinates in the transmission, Warp 19.

Helm: Laid in.

Sam: Engage!

*The Republic's Four Nacelles spring into life, and the ship is propelled past the light barrier into Warp Speed. A few seconds later it breaches past Warp 12, the starfield moving so fast that it's just a blue tunnel ahead of the Ship.*

Helm: Holding steady at Warp 19. Ready to enter hyper-warp velocity.

Sam: Stand-by on that. How long until we reach--?

Helm: Approaching the coordinates.

Matt: Slow to impulse! *Turns to Sam* Pushing the engines a little hard, don't ya think?

Sam: I'd let the Nacelles fly off the pylons if it saved one more civilian...*looks at the viewscreen* life...

Oh my god.

*The Liner has been completely destroyed, it's desolate hulk floating just ahead of the Republic.*

Matt: Battle Stations! Shields up! Charge Phasers and load Torpedo Bays! *Turns to Sam.* You okay?

Sam: Science, report. What happened?

John DeFalco (Science): Looks like plasma torpedoes.

Sam: Romulans?

John: No. The energy variance doesn't--

Sir! Orion Ships closing off the Starboard Bow!

Matt: Pirates! Hail them!

David: No response.

Sam: Lock Phasers! Warn them off!

*Three Orion Cruisers are soon surrounding the Republic.*

John: I don't think they're gonna listen! They're locking weapons on us!

Matt: Lieutenant, give me a name!

John: The Daranus Cartel!

Sam: Great! They've been terrorizing Federation Freight and Shipping for months! Using Plasma Torpedoes! Fire a warning volley!

T'San (Vulcan. Security/Tactical Officer): Firing.

*The bridge rocks lightly as the enemy fires back.*

Sam: Open a channel. *Stands up.* This is Captain Samantha Allington of the United Republic of Star Systems! You have violated our territory and attacked a Civilian Craft in our Space! Surrender your Vessels or be destroyed!

*The bridge rumbles again.*

I'll assume I can take that as a "no". Fire everything we've got.

*The Republic unleashes a Tachyon Beam, tearing straight through the shields of one Orion Ship, letting loose a spread of Transphasic Torpedoes, crippling it. The other two ships move off the Republic, continuing to fire on her.*

Damage Report?

Matt: No discernible damage. They could do this all week and we wouldn't take any damage!

Sam: Someone should tell them that 24th Century Disruptors wers so last century, last century! Keep firing, Attack Pattern Tango.

*The Republic picks up speed, matching the enemy ships with ease before overtaking them like a Leopard would a snail. She lets loose a barrage of Phaser fire on one ship, destroying it's engines, before firing a transphasic torpedo into the other one, destroying it's Deflector Array.*

David: They're standing down!

Sam: Notify DS61 of what just happened.

David: Aye, sir.

Matt: Stand down Battle Stations. All decks, Yellow Alert.
*USS Odyssey C*

James: Hmm. Combat breaking out.. Tactical bring up the area map.

*Wax brings up the area map*

Just as I thought look at the attacks reported by the civilian cruisers over the last month. Then off to the right is a shoal zone.. A perfect place to hide and keep a base of operations. No wonder they attacked the Republic.

Wax: They seem to be using old outdated weapons.. 24th century manufacture..

Darxis: That would assume that they are still using mixed matched gear. My guess is that they won't have anything further than late 24th century.

Wax: Still what is our course of action Captain?

*James sits there rubbing his chin and the stubble growing there.*

James: Bring us about and what is the nearest Civilian cruiser on course in that area?

Firie: The Olympus sir.

James: Tell them that we will provide escort and that Orion bandits are in the area.