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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Those are outdated sets. That's their problem. The Aegis set was one of the first sets to come out, so naturally it was good. THEN. Now it is outdated and as such is not only obsolete by design, but by stats as well. And before you say nerf the STF sets, look at elite stfs. You kinda need the bonuses provided by those sets to survive easily (easily being the keyword, I did my first elite stf on blue mk XI equipment. not fun).

I agree that those sets could use an update, but please please PLEASE do not insult my intelligence by saying the current sets are OP. The Borg set is good, but it's shields are weak and it's technically only equivalent to a mk IX set. The full MACO set is powerful, but it's 3rd piece bonus is crap. If anything, the only one that's remotely close to OP is the mk XII KHG set. But that's not OP, that's just klingons being klingons and being good at combat.

So yes, update them, make them a little more useful. I could live with that. Tbh, I love the reman shield effect. That color scheme is epic.
Now, using the Borg set with the MACO Shields seems to work pretty good.