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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
Looking for a semi-hardcore to hardcore KDF fleet that is medium sized-with more than 25 members-that does a little rping every now and then, and that loves to cloak. I would prefer that this fleet was primarily KDF and not just some smaller sister fleet to a Fed Fleet. I love doing team-based space and ground instances with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation to achieve the objectives. I am traditionally more of support guy then an attack guy. In other words, I've put a lot more time into sci and engine characters than tacticals. My most favorite class currently is engineer, and my most favorite ships from Star-trek are the Negh'var, D'Kora class, Galaxy-X, Intrepid class, D'Deridex and the Jem'hadar battleship.
How do you feel about Pina Colada's in the pouring rain?

Depending on how you answer, I may know of a fleet for you.
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