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Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
Speaking of rem to nudge the team on gozers Children of Khan arc every so often please.
^^^ Most definitely a +1 to this!

Originally Posted by koppenflak View Post
Cryptic, I understand why the original STFs were broken up, but the story line no longer makes any sense. The narratives of the original 3 STFs were completely ruined when they were split up and had many of the conversations removed.

A suggestion: Put the original STFs back in (with tweaks to playability...) in *addition* to the current iterations, so that fleets and organized groups can still experience the story as they were originally intended.

Perhaps the longer versions could offer better rewards commensurate to their higher level of difficulty. Everyone wins in this scenario. You already have the content, and the only thing that needs to be done is for them to be connected back to the PVE queue system.
I miss the originals as well. They actually offered a challenge on both space and ground fronts and this is gone for the most part with the butchered versions. Terra remains forgotten with Mk X drops at best and busted as well! It's such a shame to have missions so little played and just ignored by the Dev team when a few fixes and updated rewards would give players an interesting and challenging mission to do.

The whole Dev Blog sounds like a recap of Voyager Endgame! I'm not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing. If it didn't work once. Why will it work this time? Will Admiral Janeway be briefing us for this STF? Persoanlly, I can think of no one better to brief anyone on how to take the fight to the Borg.