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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
scrap the ltdcmdr engi, get a ltcmdr tac...way more usefull.

AP:Beta combined with grav well does some serious dmg...definately more synergy than a DEM2.

maybe add fire at will to spread that AP:Beta to all targets within the grav well.

if you actually want to use only one TT, get 2 conn officers...same effect.

a PH1 and a TSS2 in the commander slot would be my choice.

actually a scramble sensor for targets in the GW, so they shoot at each other may be nice...something i wanted to test myself.

so i would do something like this:

Lt. Commander Universal Station: TT1, FAW2, AP:Beta2
Lieutenant Universal Station: TT1, TS2...or EPtW1/EPtS1 (depending), AuxtSIF1/RSP1
Ensign Engineering Station: EPtW1/EPtS1 (depending)
Lieutenant Science Station: HEM1, TSS2
Commander Science Station: PH1, TSS2/TBR1, ScramS/TSS3, GW3

Thanks for your advice! :) I couldn't bring myself to go all tactical again, like I did on the Mobius (with 3 tact stations, even), but I nonetheless followed a few of your very useful suggestions. Since i still didn't want to lose my 'always aux at 100' setup, I kept the dual EPtX chain, and eventually wound up with this:

Lt. Commander Universal Station: TT1, BFAW2, APB2
Lieutenant Universal Station: ET1, EPtA
Ensign Engineering Station: EPtS1
Lieutenant Science Station: HEM1, TSS2
Commander Science Station: TSS1, PH1, ScramS, GW3

With 2x purple damage control doffs that shorten the recharge time between EPtX skils, and 2x 'Hamlet' tacts for reduced TT time. And a purple one for the aftershock with GW3.

Now a word on the setup:

* Your idea to replace DEM2 for ATB2 was excellent! (And I could achieve this simply by swapping stations)

* HEM2 is rarely needed indeed, so I went with HEM1, TSS2 (little extra shield never hurts, as TSS not as powerful as EPtS to start with)

* Apart from only needing 1x TT1 now, another boon that comes with the 'Hamlets' is the +10 buff to attack patterns; so the APB2 is now even stengthened by the dual Hamlet doffs!

P.S. The 'phaser' in my above loadout was just a remnant of an earlier build; please, disregard it. It's an all AP boat (plus a quantum). I updated the loadout accordingly.

Thanks again for the advice. Good stuff here. :)

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