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10-11-2012, 02:48 PM
Oh Snap, not this topic again...

I think as a Mod I hate it even worse than a KDF player does.

All it ever does is start arguments that get nasty.

And frankly, I'm on the side of the KDF players for this one. The Defiant does not need, nor should it get, a battle cloak. Not unless every other vessel with cloaking technology also gets it.

Yes, that's right. Battlecruisers with Battle Cloaks. Then there'd be no doubt the KDF is "OP".

Furthermore, as long as we're playing "Why Not?", why not give every KDF vessel the Enhanced Battle Cloak?

I mean, the Klingons have had that technology since the time of Admiral James T. Kirk. I see no reason why they shouldn't have it on most of their fleet by now.
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