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10-11-2012, 02:12 PM
I thought I had made it clear in my first post, but apparently I had not.

I know the old "Go patrol these three systems in X sector" contacts/missions are gone. That was announced some time ago. I even listed the 12 systems in the Zeta Andromedae sector that are supposed to have "Patrol" pop-ups when you get close enough, but no longer pop-up for me. While in game last night, another player that was paying attention to Zone chat went to several of the systems I mentioned and the "Patrol (system)" dialog popped up for him.

It's not working on two of my characters, and I'd like to know why/get it fixed. No matter how close I get to the planet, or how many circles up/down I fly around the system, the pop-ups no longer, err, pop-up.

If it helps anyone -- I am A *real* 1000 day veteran (as of today). I'm not new to the way the Patrol missions have changed from how they were originally implemented. Hell -- those missions are a good part of why I'm sitting on just over 1.8 million unspent expertise points. That, and the fleet leader always throws his own unspent expertise points into new starbase projects before I can...