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10-11-2012, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by commanderkassy View Post
Really? I love the way it looks. I also love how it flies. This ship is amazing, and I have been rocking so much face with it. It looks like a mini-Bortas to me.
To each our own. I still don't like how it looks. It literally looks like someone just threw it together without actually thinking and called it done. Which reflects how the KDF players have been treated. Plus the transformation still does not make sense architectually, that weapon system literally takes up the entire Engineering Hull and where do you put the shuttlebay? The Warp Core? Heck, the crew quarters?

If it wasn't for the looks, I really would be flying it full time. Its the Raptor we always wanted - a Raptor with Battle cloak and a Universal Ensign Station, plus even a multi-lance weapon.

EDIT: I thought the ship looked somewhat familiar. This looks similar to the NuQ'Duj Scout from Armada.

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