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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
As I have responded many times over the years, if the defiant gets a battle cloak like the BOP, then something has to give. In the BOP's case, it lost shields, hull, tac slot, bloff slot, and the same should be for the defiant.
I certainly know some KDF players complain about the Defiant being OP.

The only way to not change the ship is simply make it a Battlecloak with a hideous timer, something like 5 minutes and then it became far less useful because Cloaked Defiant Captains usually run it like a Cloaked Battlecruiser Captain, its for the initial Alpha strike ... not as like BoP that use it to disengage.

In fact I play more like a KDF in a Defiant that some KDF battlecruisers that dont even bother to cloak before opening fire with all weapons on a target.