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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post

I know my limits and also been around long enough to know that is BS, I seen many fail ... heck I seen a Infected Space fail because of a quiter due to "BAWWW OPTIONAL, YOU ALL SUCK" were at the end I was looking at a Tactical Cube and 4 Spheres all by myself.

And dont give me some BS talk about that if I want I can ... this is the kindergarten teacher talk, we are adults and I am not going to be a Jet Pilot or a Astronaut at my age, flying a keyboard is as far as I can with that and even at that I had better reaction times years ago.

Maybe you like the pre-F2P days and the old MMO method but I assure you, what you get with putting then back as before is nothing but setting a bar were most players WILL fail and sounds to be its nothing but a attempt of the usual "STF Elites" to go around bragging and look down on the rest of us.
Well, with all due respect, but if you can't do the current STFs reliably (and ultimately it depends on the entire team, of course) then what's teh difference if you can't do the old ones? Genuine question. if something is to difficult for someown, he won' do it, so a different additional version doesn't mean he is losing something.

And people here ask to add the old missions in in addition to the current ones. So everyone can keep doing those without being forced to do the classic stuff.

Those would clearly be for those of us who enjoy the story over the grind of repeating them without end and for better socializing.

And that is everything I have to say about that matter here, because this is a thread about the next STF. carry on.