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10-11-2012, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by carcharodon1975 View Post
How about producing an intricate, puzzle,combat- and story-heavy mission with random events and multiple endings, that offer different rewards on how you finish the mission.....takes what,2 months of work,will be content that players will keep using because it's not the same mission over and over again.

The simple fact is Cryptic/PWE are just not willing to make that kind of content,it's all about short term investments that need to turn a profit within 60 hours after release,instead of making longer lasting quality content.

Some advice to PWE.....if you are intent on behaving like a greedy little Ferengi,be prepared to be treated like one......Klingon style!
Exactly. We need more persistent world elements, whether that's mini-games with different outcomes, missions with different paths and endings, and territory control. This game won't survive without them. At least the time you put into development will be worth it because they will be a lot more replayable than FE's. FE's should still be released but not as often as these types of things.