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10-11-2012, 03:34 PM
Just a question for other fans of the uniform but have you thought about which color scheme you'll go with?

I'm torn because I want a crew in the muted versions from the episode "Relativity" and have my colors picked out in advance.

But I really like the "black collar/bright blue/no rank" version Braxton wore in "Future's End."

I may use up two costume slots on this uniform. Kinda hoping we get a sale on costume slots before October ends. I have 10 or so but my fleet likes to have a variety of theme costume slots for fleet runs. (There are fleet uniforms but also a green Enterprise dress and formal wear for ground STF runs.) I have substantially more costumes unlocked than I have space to display.

But whatever happens, I'm tempted to use this one in BOTH canon color schemes.