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I think what you fail to grasp is that Cryptic does not make any money on its own. If you buy zen the money goes to Perfect World, because you are buying it from them. If you buy a subscription the money goes to Perfect World. If you buy an LTS the money goes to Perfect World. The only income Cryptic makes is what Perfect World decides to give them each month/quarter/year.

STO is not financing other games. Perfect World is financing STO, and CO, and NWNs. Perfect World decides how much money Crytpic gets to pay its bills, and gets to decide what budget each division within Cryptic gets to work with from the money they give Cryptic. Perfect World is not giving Cryptic money from its STO income. It is giving them money from their corporate accounts which has income from 13 different games. Forsaken World and Jade Dynasty are financing NWN in the same way that STO is: profits from all games go toward making more profits.

STO is not carrying CO or NWN. STO is given a budget and expected to make profits. CO is given a budget and expected to make profits. When NWN goes live it will be given a budget and be expected to make profits. Perfect World pays all the bills and gets all the profits. Each division in Cryptic is required to make profit to benefit Perfect World, not Cryptic.
This is the main problem. PWE poorly maintains Wanmei game to the point of disrepair, as its just 1 Chief of Engineering + whatever he can get his hands on while trying to keep 9 NX-classes afloat while under fire from both players, CFOs and game bugs. I'm never trusting them to fix gamebugs or give us useful content. In fact, they chop out content as they are localized from China. Whatever the hell funds that logic...

Rusty Hearts, Torchlight and Cryptic games get off better because they actually have dev teams on their games. For RH and TL as far as I recall they are 1 dev team for 1 game as the studio was responsible for 1 game alone. Cryptic is a small team that has huge problems in this framework. Their PWE overlords are sucking up their, and our, money and only giving them back a pittance, while applying the same inept management as to the other Wanmei localizations to Cryptic. They are a small (if absolutely puny) team managing TWO (and soon to be THREE) MMOs... when a good mmo that is infamous for player tears requires little over a thousand artists, devs, story writers, creative directors, coders, etc.

And then, when something breaks in another Wanmei localization, that game puts out a distress call, and the engineering department has to answer it. I suspect Cryptic gets rerouted to some of them, as I find that bug fixes seemed to have improved on other Wanmei games ever since PWE bought Cryptic.

This is why I whinge about the lack of content, but I don't want to hammer home the point. They are having a hard time, even as we are having a hard time. Doesn't help that they make gaffes here and there. But until Cryptic actually gets more funding (and stop at 3!! Please!!!), hires the army of programmers required of an MMO, I'm happy that I get to fly around the galaxy doffing.

Because really, that's what Starfleet does day-to-day. Ferrying people from place to place, getting jobs done, answering distress calls, sending crew on assignments elsewhere. When its Prime Time, something happens, and we have our TV show missions and wonky STFs. And then its back to the daily grind.

At the very least, this grind can be done while offline.
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.

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