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How about producing an intricate, puzzle,combat- and story-heavy mission with random events and multiple endings, that offer different rewards on how you finish the mission.....takes what,2 months of work,will be content that players will keep using because it's not the same mission over and over again.
Something like that would be the feature of a season, I think. But, moreover, it would need to accommodate different playstyles as well - not everyone enjoys the same things. I don't know if multiple replayability, in and of itself, is a compelling reason to for everyone to replay - there comes a point where you simply click past, go the most efficient route (most rewards for the least work), and go from there. Players are good at finding those.

Now, if it was a group "puzzle," where the playerbase is trying to solve it? That could be interesting. New branches/directions would be decided based on how players do, or choices made, and temporarily lock out other ones. Let the thing reset periodically, so once it reaches an end-point, it begins again.

Personally, my dream MMO would be Babylon 5 - a definite overall story arc, but the server/story resets every so often (maybe a month, maybe three months). When it resets, the choices you've made affects your starting point, and then what storylines you can advance through that go round.
  • Go through once and you're nobody, trying to make their way up in the world. Maybe you pick up some training to pilot, or make friends with Star Fury pilots. "Hey, pity you weren't around during the War, we could've used you."
  • Next play through, you have the option to have been in the war, and start off being a pilot. You go through all that content. Maybe you discover a Ranger station, and start learning about the Rangers. You also distinquish yourself in combat, and are eligable for promotions.
  • Next play through you have the option to become a Ranger, or go further up the ranks.
  • A few playthroughs thru, you've unlocked a lot of "background" for yourself, and start off being equal to the major players - Sheridan, Delenn, etc.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare does something similar, but different.
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