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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Just a question for other fans of the uniform but have you thought about which color scheme you'll go with?

I'm torn because I want a crew in the muted versions from the episode "Relativity" and have my colors picked out in advance.

But I really like the "black collar/bright blue/no rank" version Braxton wore in "Future's End."

I may use up two costume slots on this uniform. Kinda hoping we get a sale on costume slots before October ends. I have 10 or so but my fleet likes to have a variety of theme costume slots for fleet runs. (There are fleet uniforms but also a green Enterprise dress and formal wear for ground STF runs.) I have substantially more costumes unlocked than I have space to display.

But whatever happens, I'm tempted to use this one in BOTH canon color schemes.
I'm personally going with the Relativity Blackish body and Royal Blue Collar for Command. but as a VA I'm hoping that the White collar trim can be customized so I can make it as near to gold as possible. also hoping they Starfleet Delta / Comm badge is included. I've got nearly 600 LC ( 591 to be exact ) waiting to pick up these if they do in fact come to the lobi store...  1340247645
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