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10-11-2012, 10:23 PM
My beef with the F Hoshus is it has 1 console over the Hegh'Ta. That's it. That's a freaking LOT of money/zpoints to get, for almost no benefit. What we need is ONE BOP that combines the boff slots and the extra console of both fleet BOP options. You don't even need to give it more hull or shields or anything (but CERTAINLY don't make it have less hull than a freakin' SHUTTLE! Where's the thinking in that!??!).

THAT is a BOP that would be an actual upgrade. People bought C-store ships as they leveled up just for the 1 extra boff slot and the console. Here you pay 2x the price ($20 USD) for half the rewards of an $8-$10 ship. That's ludicrously bad logic.

Lockboxes, keys, and retarded fleet projects that require 200k dilithium have already made PWE millions no doubt. I think it's about time they coast on those profits to start actually... you know?... improving the game?

Just such a radical thought, it might work!