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10-11-2012, 11:15 PM
Unfortunately sirsitsalot, you are presenting a real problem that is occuriing with Cryptic. They are releasing season 7 that involves a new STF that is Borg related. However; the mood in the forums about the new STF is mixed.

The reason being is that the STFs in STO are a constant Grindfest, and you have many tired and weary Western players that are just that, very tired of the grinding.

For many Eastern players, its a normal thing. Asians Grind until they faint or die, granted not all of them, but thats the style of gameplay they have grown accustom to. Westerners, which STO orginally catered to, are not that dedicated to such means. Now I'm not saying that all westerners don't like to grind.

The current state of the game:

A) The FE have not been repeated, They use to re-release these for replay almost on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. - Now these FE have disappeared from the radar.

B) There is a confusion regarding the term NEW content. - I look at new content in terms of new story arcs and add on's - what is currently offered by Cryptic is akin to an add on of sort but more cosmetic arrangements or additional Grinding modes. Example; Starbases.

In fairness; they did add the Tholian Grind STF of sort - BUT There is no actual story attached to it.

Content for me involves Brand new sectors with many story arcs and adventures.

Mostly all the releases that Cryptic has done involves monetary gain. There are no Projects that benefit players for the sake of gameplay and content. Almost everything that has been recently done involves gaining revenue, and that what saddens me.

I honestly will shell out an additional $50 Dollars for a TRUE Expansion pack - but that will never happen since STO has turned into Star Trek Online Banking.