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Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
I certainly feel that with the Foundry use alone they could at least give us a new episode every month which incorporates a couple of new assets or a new planet and map. They could even time the episode with a new C-Store purchase that features in the episode, thus the new episode would theoretically pay for itself, and we would get the feeling of the exploration and expansion of the STO universe as well.
Unfortunately; I do NOT view the Foundry as a source of new content. With all the respect I have for all foundry authors etc... I ask myself this - Why should I personally create content in which Cryptic is responsible for, and on top of that NOT get paid for it, or rewarded.

Foundry in essence should remain just that, a sandbox for us players and nothing more. It is not meant to substitute true content from the Devs themselves. Folks want it to be the game content since they know Cryptic is sorely lacking in providing fans of its game true blue content.

When a company states that it cost too much to make new monthly or bi-monthly Featured episodes, that should raise some Red Flags.

Heck the old FE haven't been re-released for replay in a while now, at least to reap their rewards - though in fairness you can play them, just not with their special rewards.

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