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Originally Posted by direphoenix View Post
You think it's possible that the scriptwriters may have figured that the 29th century starfleet may have done away with the "command department" and had a setup similar to STO's 2409 where you just have the tac, sci, and eng departments and anyone can be a captain? In so doing, that would make Braxton a science Captain, commanding a Science Vessel.
valid points. but as we've only seen a limited screen time for that era, it's hard to nail down a SOP for such things. it's like the new Oddy Uniform from the Fleet Base system, by the name alone it's stated to be the Uniform that the Enterprise F crew should be wearing but, how the division colors are set up, and what not aren't set in stone yet that I know of. and it would be nice to see a starfleet delta / comm badge that went along with it that wasn't the All Good Things one or we could maybe make an argument to use the Future Imperfect fake comm badge, but then again, a never before seen one would be even better.

long post short, the best we know blue is Command / Conn , Red is Engineering and Security and the green is Sci/ Med . but until the other show falls and we're given a CBS final word on it. it's all up in the air.  1340247645
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