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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I have never played secret world so i dont know but a few things to consider.

1) its a brand new game, which probably means that this content was made during its development but was not quite read for launch, or even held back deliberately to make the first few months seem content heavy.

2) what is the quality? are we talking FE quality with new maps, new mechanics, enemy groups, a story, loot, or is this nothing more than early wow style missions which are just dropped into existing locations?

3) STO is quite an unusual MMO in that it does not just release mission content. there are a lot of other updates that other mmos dont have or dont use. new ships, the doff system, the foundry, shooter mode, starbases etc. these have their value and their place but they will always detract from mission content to a degree.
1) True.

2) Episodic. Narrative. Voice acted. Lots of good humor and elaborate narrative. The focus is on narrative more than gimmicks but the core mechanics have puzzles and scavenger hunts around city maps built in.

Here's a questline. Two hours. Don't expect you to watch it all:

3) Agreed somewhat but what SW does is release new powers regularly and more or less TV episode quality questlines. The flipside is that it was expensive to make and Funcom had big layoffs already.