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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
I played The Secret World for a month and got bored. Sure, it has some interesting quests, including mysteries which take intelligence to solve and complete, but the vast bulk is still "kill x number of monsters, kill boss monster, collect rewards, rinse, repeat". The narrative questlines are good but once you've burned through them, there's nothing to do but grind them again for more xp. And they get old fast. If I wanted to play a game for an interesting story and immersive game world, I'd go single player. The Fallout series comes to mind as far superior games. The Witcher series are better than any Fantasy MMO I've ever encountered. Or Alone In The Dark series if I want to go for a Lovecraftian mystery genre.

The game world is also painfully small. There's no feeling of inhabiting the world itself; you only get to wander a handful of zones. At least in STO flying around the universe is semi-acounted for, via sector space. The crafting system in TSW is utterly lame. There is no real endgame loot to be had. In fact, many players I've spoken to, say there is no real endgame at all. You burn through all the content and then you have nothing to do. At least in STO I can pretend the grindfest of building a Starbase by myself (nearly at tier 3) is an awesome achievement, which it is.

The Secret World tries very hard to market itself as a revolutionary MMO with concepts and features that no other game brings to the table, but fon't be fooled. It's just another grindfest.
Most of that applies to STO aside from the story compliments, minus the diversity of settings STO has.

And I think someone who is a fan of the MMO genre kinda has to enjoy grinding to enjoy MMOs.