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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
And I think someone who is a fan of the MMO genre kinda has to enjoy grinding to enjoy MMOs.
I don't disagree that some aspects of an MMO in general involves some Grinding of sort, however; if its a total Grind per se because you have hit a wall in developing ACTUAL Game content, then thats a warning sign that the game has not progress in a correct way.

I apppreciate the NEW things that Cryptic has added, but they are mostly viewed as touches and minor cosmetic touches in the grand scheme of development. At least by me.

A) New ships - mostly tied into some form of currency that one must Grind with or involve opening one's wallet.

Current Free one isn't actually free, it was added on to a high price LIFER's Bonus pack, if we can call it that. So its not exactly free.

B) Starbases have been also tied with doff - though granted you can acquire 2 FREE doff packs twice a week, it is centered in people purchasing additonal doff packs from the CStore - though its optional. The huge Dilithium demand has also push players to farm continuously or open their wallets to buy Z points for the Dilithium exchange.

C) Time Gated Vault missions and defari missions etc... has made the so called "new" content a bit of a chore.

STO has introduced some interesting concepts, and yes they've come along way since season 1 - however; there has been too many hitches along the way. People can define true content in various ways. I personally loved the Featured Episodes and miss them. I guess its because I envision content in forms of huge add ons with a gazillion things to do without adding an element of constant Grinding.

well thats my 2 takes.

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