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Originally Posted by arcorian View Post
Today Task Force Spectre had to fill up the Upgrading Project for the Tier 4 starbase. To give the other fleets a chance to prepare for this here are the figures:

24,000 Fleet Marks
1,900,000 Dilithium
200 rare Non-Civilian Duty Officers
25,000 Industrial Energy Cells
15,625 Self Sealing Stem Bolts
250 Particle Traces

Hope that helps to plan and get ready for it. Good Luck guys.
Excellent info and thanks for that. A smaller fleet will suffer to get to this level, of this i have no doubt. Oddly i don't see dilithium as the major issue but fleet marks will be. Let's be clear here, setting up 10 chars easily clears 20,000 dilithium per day, that's just doing the lore missions and the bush mission. Spread that out among 10 players with a similar setup and you are looking at 200,000 dilithium per day. Fleet marks and doffs are a different story, Appreciate the heads up.
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