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10-12-2012, 03:00 AM
well, I have a different buld for my wells (and sci captain).. All I wanted was a science ship with some dps and abilities to debuff enemies and heal teammates... so at the moment this is my build (for pve):

lt universal boff: THY1, THY2
lt cmd universal boff: TT1, BO2, BO3

ensign eng: ET1

lt sci boff: TSS1, TSS2
cmd sci boff: PH1, HE2, GW1, GW3

front weapons: 2xDBB 1xquantum torpedo
rear weapons: 2xBA, 1x photon torpedo

omega shield
borg engine and deflector

eng console: 2xneutronium alloy 1xborg console
sci console: tripler cylinder, 2xfield generator, 1xfiel emitter amplifier

moreover I use 2 purple conn officer (TT version) to reduce at 15sec the TT cooldown

this way I have high shield's regeneration rate and thanks to TT, the 2 conn officer and TSS the ship rcan tank for a while. My only problem is the shared cooldown between TT and ET... but ET is still usefull.