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10-12-2012, 03:19 AM
Yes I have 17 toons.

I know some people don't like all the alts but it is the fastest way.
Day one I login and claim the ?Investigate Officer Reports? I don?t do the mission just claim it. (about 1 minute)

Day two I login and search for ?Pie? to get all 3 ?Easy as Pie? missions. Then staying on that page I claim the missions, do them and claim them again, move to the tab to finish ?Investigate Officer Reports? and if you stay on the screen pop up it will rest and you can claim ?Investigate Officer Reports? again. Then just do it again. (about 2 minutes)

So for less than 30 minutes (average) a day I get. 24480 refined Dil, 850 Fleet Marks, and XP.

Now I could very easily do the test daily while I am at SFA and all the doff recruiting missions. And sometimes I do.

A note the daily test can also be claimed one day and do 2 the next day this would limit the running around.

If you don?t want to pay for the slots to make the alts just save the dil to buy zen.

The only pain about this is getting the toon to level 9 so you can do the daily. But if you do it right it should only take just under 2 hours.