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Ok this is what I got so far and it works great.

EnGI Class
Boff Skills
lt Com.TT1,beta1,beamoverload3
LT engi.eps1,aux2bat1
ensign engi.eps1
lt sci.HE1,TSS2

3DHC phaser, 1 dual beam Phaser, 3 phaser turrets in back.

Non consoles:3 piece borg, maco 12 shield
TAC:4 phaser relays(Boosts lotus power)
Engi:2 neutroniums and 1 vet ship console
Sci:asimlated borg console field gen.


2 Technicians(helps CD for tac inversion)
2shield distribution doffs
1 subnuke(u can run a beam doff instead but I dont)

1. smaller stuff enter tac mode and obliterate, keep eye on shields its made of paper.
2. bigger stuff go into regen mode and if shields hur use tacheyon inversion then activate aux2bat to reduce the CD of that ability and every time keep hitting that ability as u can.
3. right after lotus hit eps flow regulator and that way your weapon power isnt low after words.(5 min cd for lotus and 3 min for flow so u can do this every time.
4. make sure to line up shots and if tac inversion isnt up stay in tac mode.

pic 1
pic 2

Pic of my sexy girl char

hope you guys like my glass cannon build

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