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Originally Posted by chikahiro View Post
Something like that would be the feature of a season, I think. But, moreover, it would need to accommodate different playstyles as well - not everyone enjoys the same things. I don't know if multiple replayability, in and of itself, is a compelling reason to for everyone to replay - there comes a point where you simply click past, go the most efficient route (most rewards for the least work), and go from there. Players are good at finding those.
Well,that's where the random events come in,it can block the most efficient route and force the player(s) to rethink their options.Random events combined with multiple paths,that produce different worthwhile rewards based on the mission outcome....yeah,people will keep playing that content.A huge problem with STO is that the missions are waaaay to linear,in most cases there is only one way of completing the mission.People don't have to think,it's all point,click,shoot and move on to the next point,click and shoot mission.