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10-12-2012, 04:27 AM
I found this article on a site about game design. It was from a panel talking about F2P design. They talked about some points that worry me about the current state of online gaming.

Davidson ( on the target market for free-to-play games:
"We like to think that the ones spending vast sums on these games are sons of Dubai oligarchs, but we have the data to prove that they're not, and that they probably can't afford to spend what they're spending. We're saying our market is suckers -- we're going to cast a net that catches as many mentally ill people as we can!"

Davidson ( on the dangers of making unethical games:
"The long-term danger [of employing psychologically manipulative design techniques in games] is that we are poisoning the well; we're watching a large-scale tragedy of the commons play out on our player bases. Our audience is becoming inured to viral trickery we employ to get people what we want to do. For example, good UX design says 'Find the button the user is most likely to press, and make it as large and central and green as possible.' So what social games designers do is put the button you want to press and make it small and gray and uninviting, and make the button that shares to your whole friend feed that you just passed level two of the tutorial. We've boiled the frog."

you can find the whole article here.

While, I can see the F2P saved STO from being closed down last year, I just worry that in reality it is just ?boiling the frog.?