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Originally Posted by trenttyler View Post
This is why micro transaction store are ruining MMo's. People in our highly consumption based society would rather trade money for some perceived leg up. ie, not have to play through a game and get to end game stuff faster.

The problem with this is that it instantly devalues your time spent in game, and you no longer get any time spent on actual tried and true playable content. Instead you have made a f2p game more expensive than a subscription based model.

Everything in the game since before conversion to f2p has been focused on the micro transactions, and that is why after almost 3 years, we have had squat for playable content except for a few short FE's.

If this was a normal sub based model, we would have had a expansion by now with 5 times the so called micro store content, and it would have been astronomically cheaper.
I don't really agree. Achievement is NOT AT ALL a factor for many players. It's only one reason why people play. I find that's the group that seems to feel the most cheated by an aspect of gameplay being up for sale but the Achiever group is also the most resistant to spending money to begin with. So I'm not certain there's as much to gain from catering too heavily to the group.

Explorers spend to explore more as WoW, EQ, and GW expansions show. Killers spend to kill more, as World of Tanks shows. Socializers spend to impress people and flaunt their own sense of style or resources, as Sims games and League of Legends show.

I'm the most stumped on how Achievers spend money. You can get them to spend time. You can get them to spend money if they're more Explorer/Socializer/Killer than they are Achiever and therefore willing to spend to get to the other side of an achievement.

But someone who is primarily Achiever seems primarily inclined to "work for it" and is resistant to spending money or acknowledging other people positively for doing so.

So I don't know if primary Achiever types fit into a F2P world. If they do, it almost seems like it has to be a cruel role that they're cast into where the other three types are encouraged to spend to outpace them, making the Achiever into the "villain" who devs inadvertantly or intentionally rally the other three types to crush by spending money.