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Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
When you guys say that the Vorcha is more for tac characters than eng, can you explain why exactly?

I mean I get that the player abilities are more damage buff orientated with alpha and tac fleet, or tac boff ability cooldowns from tactical initiative. While the eng has the best self-heal in the game as well as dmg resistance abilities. What is it about the Vorcha that makes it suitable for a tac character rather than the eng? Does the higher turn rate and inertia rating, plus ensign tac boff over the Neghvar's ensign eng boff, make that much of a difference?
The "Vor'cha = Tac" misconception comes from the idea that Engineers should be healers, running beam-boats at minimum weapon power, dealing no damage at all and instead healing. Of course that idea is totally wrong.

The Negh'var is better suited for healing purposes, even if just slightly. It'd be more precise to say it is less suited for dps or tank tasks, due to its lower maneuverability and less tactical BOff slots.

Healer role, though, has really nothing to do with career choice. It's a role choice. It means running a cruiser with a dedicated build. Tac is basically just as well suited as Eng for it (read: just as wasted, as only EPS Power Transfer helps even a bit towards this role), while Sci would be a better choice due to AoE-resist party buffs.

Note though that healers are strictly a PvP-thing!
In PvE, a healer is a liability for the group - a good tank can take care of keeping himself alive on his own most of the time, and all the time if receiving even a few random crossheals. No need for a dedicated healer. More dps always helps though, and quite considerably, and dedicated healers offer none of that. Liability.

If you're going to play your Engineer as dps or tank, go with the Vor'cha for a cannon build.

Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
The Vorcha is more Tac oriented due to the fact that it has more average turn rate for a cruiser and can mount DHCs. Most Tac captains use her until they get a Cstore ship.
Actually, most competent Tac captains go with a Qin or Hegh'ta, since both of them offer a lot more tactical BOff slots and better dps than the non-fleet Vor'cha.
The FLEET-version of the Vor'cha though ... yeah, that one's a very good choice for a Tac, if played like a slightly sluggy but incredibly tanky Raptor - in that role it outperforms all actual Raptors.

Basic guide to the KDF's free T5 ships:
* The Vor'cha is the default cannon-tank.
* The Negh'var is the default beam-tank, or heal-boat.
* The Qin is the default dps cannon-boat.
* The Vo'quv is the default Sci-ship, a good beam-tank choice, or a very solid dps choice for non-Tac captains (dps comes mostly from your pets, which don't profit from most Tac-captain abilites). Slightly OP, btw.
* The Hegh'ta ... can do everything, just not ideal for either. It serves as the default choice for Sci-heavy builds though, as the only real Sci-ships on KDF are C-Store (Voranus) or Lockbox (Korath).

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