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10-12-2012, 06:09 AM
Whether or not The Secret World is an MMO that one likes is beside the point. The point is that Funcome has made it part of their mission statement to focus on releasing monthly content. They have proven their commitment to this task so far by delivering on their promise.

They are the only developer I know of that is doing that.

I would say that they have intentionally developed a few months worth of content in advance and held it back intentionally. And I say good for them. They ALL should do that. Mechanics are released with content patches in TSW, which are where the bulk of the workload probably lies, but their story missions are probably the easiest to produce, no doubt due to them having efficient tools to work with and having a live team structured around releasing regular playable content.

That is the direction they have chosen. Oh and The Secret World has a cash shop as well. But the difference between Funcom and Cryptic is that from the onset, Funcome has put forth effort to produce playable content while Cryptic puts most of its focus on regular releases of cash shop junk.

There is a tangible commitment on Funcom's part to produce gameplay that I do not see on the part of other developers. They have established a precedent that other developers would be wise to adopt.
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