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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Latin is right. Loot on normals is garbage. On a good day. Loot on elites is garbage. On a decent day, but it's garbage you can sell/discard for at least decent EC. Also, on normals, the extra only has 3 items, whereas on elite it has 7. And those 7 items are significantly better (in value on exchange/discard value).

And you get EDCs. Gotta love those.
Oooooh woooow, you get EDC's You must be the funny one at home :

a. You can turn those in for Very Rare MK XI stuff, but it stops at a certain point as you have all what you needed, can't be sold on exchange for EC's as it's bound on character. Also, after the MK XI stuff, most of the frequent players do wanna step up to the heavier stuff.

b. You can turn it in for dilithium. Great, I would say but all of us is limited to refine only 8000 Dilithium ore a day. Metthinks you'll getting the picture. It's a painstaking long and slow process.

c. You can turn those in for Lock Boxes. Lols, excuse me, but not all of us is stupid to waste real money on stakes of this kind of gamble, where 9 of the 10 you are getting rubbish. BTW, doubting if this is even legal to have such a raffle. Coz that's what it is, a tombola/gamble game.

d. You can trade those in for Doff's. OMG, how many tactical ground & space Doff's do you need in you crew with the same abilities ??? 5 for each section, the rest is dead weight. Sell them on exchange, not possible, coz they are bound to character the moment you pick them up.

Same goes for the rare & very rare borg salvage, turn those in for weapons & gear ??? Same situation as in the EDC's.

Getting common & uncommon during the STF's, which are worth less then nothing on exchange or discharge, together with a bunch of batteries isn't getting rewarded according the level you are playing but more demotivating to play it any longer.