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Originally Posted by luxchristian View Post
Thanks a lot for your work :-)

Just to add a few notes.

On very rares - oddly they are not appearing with the same frequency. For example, in a window of 20 days I've seen (and did) Instigate Defection 4 times, but it took me all 20 days to find Investigate Temporal Anomaly thoroughly exploring all sectors (including nebulas) twice per day. So if you're searching a specific assignment, don't just give up and drop it.
For whatever reason, Strike Against Fugitive Network won't give blue Vorta on critical every time. Dunno why, but make sure you do this assignment as exchange prisoners with dominion has a big chance to return a purple.
Although it's written in the guide, a thing should be a bit clarified about refugees. By repeatable aftercolonization assignment, you'll get a refugee, often it'll be a human, vulcan or andorian. Make sure you visit a correspodent planet for Asylum assignment, although Asylums usually appear in the sector space, they are more frequent on homeworlds. For some species, Tellarite refugees however, you can't visit the homeworld for whatever design reasons so there's a less chance you'll find those Asylum assignments where you can't visit a homeworld.
Do not waste your time traveling all over the universe seeking specifically for sectorbased cultural exchange assignments, if you stumble upon one somewhere, do take it as it's rarer than it seems. For example it took me 20 days to see the first Ferengi cultural exchange.

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