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Originally Posted by wargibbon View Post
Excellent info and thanks for that. A smaller fleet will suffer to get to this level, of this i have no doubt. Oddly i don't see dilithium as the major issue but fleet marks will be. Let's be clear here, setting up 10 chars easily clears 20,000 dilithium per day, that's just doing the lore missions and the bush mission. Spread that out among 10 players with a similar setup and you are looking at 200,000 dilithium per day. Fleet marks and doffs are a different story, Appreciate the heads up.
Small fleets like ours will grind to a halt (pardon the pun). I agree Dil wont be the issue it will be the doffs, and FM. Surely theres a programatic way they can code this to take into account the actually size of the fleets roster? At least give the little guys a chance to tier up.

Out of curiosity whats the Bush mission?

Love the Sig by the way, Carry on up the Khyber?

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