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10-12-2012, 07:38 AM
Perhaps, I have grown cynical and less optimistic than many would like. However, from my perspective PWE (and now Cryptic by extension) is in the business of making as much cash as they can by way of limited, cheap, content delivery in a free to play but pay to progress gaming environment. New content is becoming new items to buy or grind for in order to change your playing experience within whats already there. Increasingly (and like their other games) the best gear is becoming linked to Zen by way of dilithium in this case and the ordinary crafting and EC based economy is becoming marginalized in favor of such sales they control as it is based on RMT and ensures they get their actual money somehow.

In consideration, I do not expect much new story content outside of the occasional featured episode that plays into the new developing economy somehow. Right now Funcom?s Secret World is still controlled by people that love the IP and are willing to pour their financial future into its growth with a prayer for success. STO is in a phase where it exists to be milked for its worth and no more. It is what it is.