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10-12-2012, 08:02 AM
I've got to agree - STF Elite loot drops suck.

Last few grounds I've done I've been getting Mk XI blue Bat'leths - resale value? Oh, about 1000 ECs... Big whoop.

I think in the entire time I've been playing I've only ever equipped two loot items from STFs - one was a MK XI blue Neutronium Alloy console (which was handy but not really great 'cause you get them for free from the Undine mission) and a blue Mk XII Bat'leth which had about 2 DPS more than the Shard Sword of Kahless (and didn't look broken whilst my character was holding it).

At this point, I'd rather get a flat 10000 ECs from each STF run - I'd make way more money than with the vendor trash they hand out.

Also, yeah - EDCs - they're useless once you've gotten most of the stuff they buy. I've got a few hundred in the bank gathering dust...

Oh, and rare Proto Tech in Elite STFs is a real kick in the nuts - please get rid of it...

*Edit* and lastly, what the heck happened to large batteries?? I hardly ever see them drop any more - at least they're useful...
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