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A history lesson...

Posted on August 8th 2010 by DeWitt_LSF

How about this as a lifetime subscriber reward - you automagically qualify for all new veteran rewards on the the day they figured the game was 100, 200, 300, etc., days old instead of some number based on the day your subscription was paid for. I think it's silly that other lifers who have actually played the game for months less time than myself have gotten vet rewards weeks before I have (still haven't gotten the 200 day vet reward).

Posted on July 19th 2011 by Captain.Hunter

I have been having a discussion with a few friends of mine over the subject of Lifetime subscriptions and Veterans rewards.

In STO there are a few items which unlock with time spent in-game, such as the Captain's Yacht (400 days of subscription). I have heard both sides of the argument from my friends - "A Lifetime subscription should automatically unlock all veteran rewards, as after all it is non-refundable and is 'lifetime' meaning the player has (or will) put in all time required for any vet reward, plus it's an incentive to sell more life subs" and the flip-side, "No noob should have access to vet rewards right off the bat. They have to earn them by putting in their time (and gaining playing experience) just like everyone else. Vet rewards are a badge of honor, they shouldn't be given away to someone who just bought the game (lifetime or not)."

I'd like to get a much bigger perspective on this subject than just my friends. So what do you all think about this subject? Should people have to put in the time regardless of subscrption type to get vet rewards or should lifetime subscribers have access to them at the get go, because regardless of what happens, they will eventually have them unlocked anyway?

Posted on July 19th 2011
You don't have to play the game every day to get the rewards. Just Maintain a Sub and you get the rewards. So Argument for just granting the reward's... Go ahead. If you get a life time sub then get the benefit's. Sorry for those who dont like this, but ry not playing a few days and tell me if your days haven't increased anyway.

Posted on July 19th 2011 by openair

Vet rewards are "earned" by subscribing to the game ("opening thier wallet") for a set amount of time. Not for actually "playing the game."

The only difference, a lifer opens his wallet once for $300 (+ previous sub time), a vet opens his wallet a bunch of times... totalling $~250 (500 days)...

"Time = money." Never more true then when you're talking about SUBSCRIPTION TIME.

Posted on July 20th 2011 by Cpt_Equinox
You dont need to even log on to earn them, just need an active sub. So no they are not earnt, and yes they are given away.

Posted November 3rd 2010 by Stormshade
I don't consider the inclusion of the Captain's Table in the 400 days veteran's rewards as lifers "losing" any benefit.

Simply put, you will still have access to the Captain's Table. So you're not "losing" anything. Other people are gaining access to this area of the game. Considering that one of the biggest complaints regarding the Captain's Table that I see on these forums is, "Nobody ever goes there," I would think that this might help to alleviate that problem a little bit.

Lifetime subscribers also have access to many other perks which are not included in the Veteran's Reward Program, including the Lifer only combadge, in-game and forum title, and the Liberated Borg Playable Race.

So, again, I don't see how you can call this "losing" a benefit, when you will retain access to the benefit, and according to the feedback I have seen, this move may very well increase your enjoyment of that particular benefit.

Here's what I will note, from memory and reading back:

Cryptic's stance on this kind of thing has NEVER CHANGED. It was always that exclusivity was always at their sole discretion and customers should not judge the value of anything they get relative to what anything else gets. It was there with podcaster bugships, the Captain's Table, the shift of Galaxy-X, and preorder exclusives to the C-Store. IT IS NOT A PWE THING. Cryptic has never apologized for any of these things.

Players' stance on this HAS CHANGED. The further you go back, the more lifers were in favor of new lifers getting all vet rewards. This shifted with an increasing number only as they accrued rewards over time, with many lifers' stance shifting to the position that new lifers should have to wait. Cryptic's stance was always that they couldn't share rewards that didn't exist yet.

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