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Originally Posted by xenor002 View Post
^ more likely.

I find it sad that a small team can defeat the Borg QUEEN as well...
Yeah, we should do it like Picard, and Future Janeway did...alone

Originally Posted by captainjgee View Post
The first Dev blog for Season 7, and it about an STF! I would have thought it would be better to lead with something new. We have been waiting for over 2 years for this. How do I feel? Ya another STF which I would have to play to death to get the stuff I need/want. I?m more interested in how the Omega reputation system will work and affect me. It?s taken me 9 month to get the MACO mk XII ground set, I want to know if it will take that long for the Omega.

If this is the only news about Season 7 than we are in trouble.

The TON of space missions I guess will be for the Romulan Reputation system. BTW. TON by most definitions means 100! Are we getting 100 space missions then? Or is this a Cryptic TON, which is 2?

Another opportunity missed by Cryptic.
Maybe you did not see the big one in front of it, most likely to be followed by two, and since we are in mid October and season 7 comes out mid November, we might get lots of blogs leading up to it.

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