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10-12-2012, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by talien View Post
It's simple. PWE owns Cryptic, PWE is an asian MMO company, so of course they're going to switch it over to a grind/pay to win oriented setup.

Do not expect new story content unless it directly ties in with a way to make money. I would honestly NOT be surprised if new story content eventually requires a cstore purchase item to unlock and is billed as "expansions".
So far as I know, this would actually go against PWE's MO; I believe that they pretty much require all games to remain entirely free.

Also, PWE seems to claim (quite possibly dishonestly) that buying Cryptic was in hopes of helping them understand Western gamers more, so maybe there's that to help... maybe.

In any event, my hope is that Season 7 and 8 will prove to boost content in a pretty strong way. It's entirely possible that this will not be the case; however, it will show whether or not they've been taking all the time to train all those hires into something that attracts people or not.