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10-12-2012, 08:46 AM
OP, I've read your posts a lot and frankly you're probably one of the brightest guys on this forum, and the kickstarter idea is a really awesome idea.

Unfortunately, it's unconventional and has an iota of risk, and the idea comes from "outside" the company, so it's unlikely to be tried with STO. Though I can definitely say I'd toss in a few bucks here and there for this sort of thing.

It's really awful that they won't, too - I'm pretty sure that Star Trek is THE IDEAL FANBASE to try this with for any number of reasons.

Any devs listening, please take a moment to consider this stuff and pass it up to your bosses. Dan Stahl, if you're listening, PLEASE consider giving this a shot, you could even start with a couple small projects if you can just think of something fairly awesome to start with, even if its small.