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Originally Posted by commanderkassy View Post
I remember this too. They are not doing a very good job of it, that's for sure.

"We understand the western market! Our western market!"
They also call Cryptic their R&D department.

I think a very real part of "understanding western markets" is "understanding how we can adapt our business models to western markets with a minimum number of changes."

To that end, I really think they're allowing STO to run at no profit and Champions to run at a loss. I say this because they released their numbers for projected Season 6 total revenue and if you multiply that times 3, you get around $5 million. Which is the cost of... about 50 employees on payroll at average developer salaries for the bay area.

STO could have turned a huge profit with F2P but instead they sunk all the money back into expanding STO... but it also doesn't look like that was put into things devs traditionally wanted like developing Klingons as an "on par" faction.

Which would you reinvest in STO to a point where it doesn't turn a profit?

Same reason they call Cryptic their R&D department.

Their job isn't to teach PWE how to run a WoW-style traditional MMO. Their job is to take the PWE bag of tricks and figure out how to fine tune all the rough edges. The West is a smaller gaming market than SE Asia so they have to figure out how to proportionally reduce player churn while still using staple PWE monetization tactics.

It's not a matter of "teaching PWE how western MMOs were run 5 years ago." It's a matter of, "How do we fine tune boxes, grind mechanics, and F2P to make Western players love them?" It's about understanding Western players to turn them into something more like Eastern players.

I'm actually okay with that as a working mission statement. Your mileage may vary.