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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
I played around with it a little last night. I basically just grabbed everything off my Prometheus and threw it on just to see what would happen. Phaser Lotus is fun, but definitely not "I WIN". It might do better if I was actually running a phaser setup rather than the AP stuff from the Prometheus, but still. 5 minute cooldown and basically drops your Weapon power to 0 requiring a battery/EP2W/Aux2W to start firing again. Watching it launch off phaser lances one after the other in 360? arc is super fun though.

I tried the Regeneration mode basically just to do it. I was never "forced" to deactivate tactical mode due to damage when running Starbase Alert. I pulled aggro on the flagship at the end and kept it, and he couldn't do jack to me. I miss the maneuverability of flying around the Prometheus Beta vector, but this thing tanks like a HEC.
Well, for one carry Weapons Batteries. It's got the extra device slot to carry them.

Two: it's set up to where in tac mode it crits every 5 shots or so from my experience. That's horrifying. Well, for the other guys anyway. I'm only running two Mrk XI Rare Phaser relays and I'm hitting 1200-1300 DPS per gun before APO/CRF/CSV II. I am very impressed with the ship. Though I end up in instances where I outdamage everyone and end up with all the aggro....