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<snipped to specific part responding to but still very interesting reading to me>...

It's not a matter of "teaching PWE how western MMOs were run 5 years ago." It's a matter of, "How do we fine tune boxes, grind mechanics, and F2P to make Western players love them?" It's about understanding Western players to turn them into something more like Eastern players.
Now take that idea and apply it to STOs "end-game" mechanics related to the STFs.

With STFs, you grind away in the hopes the RNG rewards you with currency with which to buy shinies. If RNG is with you or on your side, you get the currency quickly and buy your shinies.

Now comes into play the reputation system that extends the time spent in game needed to acquire currency by adding in the reputation layer to grind thru in order to have the opportunity to purchase shinies. Basically, the pole that the carrot token dangles from just got a tad bit longer.

Hopefully, there will be some "different" scenery to grind thru with all the new shinies recently released in the form of ships.