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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
So far as I know, this would actually go against PWE's MO; I believe that they pretty much require all games to remain entirely free.

Also, PWE seems to claim (quite possibly dishonestly) that buying Cryptic was in hopes of helping them understand Western gamers more, so maybe there's that to help... maybe.

In any event, my hope is that Season 7 and 8 will prove to boost content in a pretty strong way. It's entirely possible that this will not be the case; however, it will show whether or not they've been taking all the time to train all those hires into something that attracts people or not.
In global business, a common strategy when entering a new regional market is through acquisition. This allows you to acquire an established base instead of spending tons of money in marketing, infrastructure, market research, etc. For example, back when I managed acquisitions for my company, we commonly targeted soon-to-be competitors who had contracts with influential clients (who in many cases wouldn't otherwise use us). After the acquisition, we slowly phased out the old products and move our new clients to our core products. This approach saved us millions of dollars in start-up funding and the client list we received made us immediately a serious contender for future business.

So to put it bluntly, When PWE bought Cryptic, what they really bought was you (the clients) and the western IP's they owned. They weren't buying the games or the business models (because lets face it the model was failing or else Atari wouldn't have sold in the first place). Go back and re-read that original comment from PWE with this in mind and everything PWE has so far will make sense.
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